About Us

DelmarvaFind is a business/place search web application for what''s known as Delmarva, a tri-state area that covers Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia. Users can search for restaurants, nightlife spots, shops, services and other points of interest and leave reviews and tips for other users. Business owners can advertise their services on the site.

DelmarvaFind is a locally owned and operated site for businesses of the Delmarva peninsula. There are no hidden fees, no fluffing of one business over another. We wanted to develop an easy to use resource that supported local businesses on Delmarva rather than a national database where listings are often hidden below millions of others.

Any business type and points of interest located Delaware, Maryland, or Virginia in can be submitted to DelmarvaFind. Examples are restaurants, nightlife spots, all kinds of shops, services, etc

We highly encourage visitors to please rate and comment on local businesses so that others can see how their personal experience was visiting any of the listed businesses.

We have a strict policy against spam and will never sell or give anyone access to our users database.

We also don''t believe in ''Pop-Up'' marketing and banners. You will not see any alternative marketing on our site other than our own information strictly about this website.

We hope you enjoy our resource and hope you tell others about us.

Cory Herlihy, DelmarvaFind Owner